Student finance and public transport​


The OV jaarkaart, or student travel product, is an important condition for students to be able to study. HBO and WO students, with a 4 year study, can use the student travel product for 5 years.

Current affairs

In December 2017, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) announced that the intended savings on the student travel product, by making better use of educational buildings and teaching times, had failed. This could be achieved by spreading lecture times throughout the day and by more digital distance education. The minister wanted to invest in the quality of education with the money saved. Before the end of December 2018, the minister had to let the Lower House know how she intends to deal with the as yet unsuccessful savings. This has not happened to date. The minister has not yet made a final decision around the future of the student travel product.

Viewpoint of the ISO

The ISO stands firmly for student mobility and, with that, the student travel product. This means that students can study at the institution of their choice without being hindered by financial considerations. After all, students do not spend any money on public transport besides their student travel product. Nibud calculated that students already spend an average of 63 euros per month on public transport in addition to their student travel product. In addition, the ISO considers the student travel product to be very important because it offers students the opportunity to develop themselves outside their city. This could include an internship or a minor in a different place.