The Dutch National Student Association is the largest national student organisation in the Netherlands and looks after the general interests of more than 800,000 students in the Dutch higher education system.

Knowledge base

Find answers to your questions about the student loan system, the binding study advice, and much more.

Online schooling hotline

Report unnecessary online education that occurs at your educational institution here.

Representation at the highest level: by and for students

ISO is kept afloat by a hard-working, motivated group of about twenty students: five board members who work full-time for a year, and fifteen part-time employees who support the board through several years. This makes us a flexible organisation that is bursting with creative, new insights, and also has the expertise to intelligently discuss complex issues. Together, we are committed to equal opportunities in education, the financial position of students, the quality of education and much more!

We work together with more than 100 different student organisations