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ISO is run by a full-time board, consisting of five students. The board changes every year at the start of summer. The board is supported by a team of student employees who build expertise in their portfolios over several years. Would you like to meet the board yourself? Please contact one of the board members to make an appointment.

Board 2022 - 2023


Fleur Tielbeke


Teun Zwemmer

European Student Union

Jamie Teunissen

Student participation

Frouke van Dam

Education & labour market

Jasper Verbree

Funding of higher education
Budgetary cycle
Student finances

Mylou Miché

Professionalisation of
student participation

Devin Lemmens

Studenten Goed Verzekerd
Student Well-being Fund

Sophie van 't Hoff

Education & innovation
Talent development

Tom Buster

Student well-being
Social safety

Sanneke Crezee

Quality assurance
Student finances

Kelly Vlieks

Helpdesk quality agreements

Arend van Berkel

Social media

Pepijn van Manen

Teacher quality

Lara van den Berg

Internal affairs

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