The ISO covenant

ISO has made cooperative agreements with twelve national partners who all represent different groups of students. Together they form the covenant partners.

ISO pledges to provide political representation for its covenant partners. This means that if one of the partners identifies a particular problem within its constituency, ISO will include this in its consultations with the Ministry, politicians and other parties from the education sector.

With the help of its covenant partners, ISO aims to have a diverse and complete picture of the needs of the different groups of students. If you think your organisation can contribute to this, please get in touch with us.

Our partners


Integrand supports students in their career development and helps with the transition of students to the labour market.
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Landelijke Kamer van Verenigingen

The National Chamber of Associations promotes the interests of Dutch social associations.
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Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network The Netherlands looks after the interests of international students and students wishing to study abroad.
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Studenten Sport Nederland

Student Sports Netherlands (SSN) is the umbrella organisation for student sport in the Netherlands and represents the interests of sporting students.
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Dutch Students for Entrepeneurship supports entrepreneurial students and student startups.
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Dutch Honours Community

Dutch Honours Community represents the interests of students participating in an Honours programme.
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Interfacultair Medisch Studentenoverleg

The Interfaculty Medical Student Consultation (IMS) is the central Dutch participation organisation for medical students.
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UniPartners offers extracurricular development opportunities for students in the form of a consultancy job.
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Studenten voor Morgen

Students for Tomorrow is campaigning for sustainable education, research and business at both universities and universities of applied sciences.
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University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands is the national representative organisation for University College students.
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Stip Studentenplatform

Stip Student Platform aims to promote the development of and cooperation between school pupils, students and young professionals.
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Nederlandse Wereldwijde Studenten

Dutch Global Students represents and facilitates students who are studying or have studied abroad.
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