Social safety

An insitution is socially safe when the social, psychological and physical safety of individuals isn’t affected negatively by the behaviour of others. This entails that there needs to be a safe and positive atmosphere at the institution. It also means that the institution will conduct against bullying, scolding, discriminating, intimidating, sexual boundary violating behaviour and all other forms of boundary violating behaviour, and will exert to prevent all this from happening. 

It turs out by studies from ISO that 1 in 5 students has been a victim of a socially unsafe siatuation. This may not occur: a safe environment is an absolute basic requirement for everyone inside a instituation. To arrange such a safe environment, ISO supposes that there are changes that need to be made in culture and policies, so that when incidents happen, good care, counselling and settlement of reports can be facillitated. To realize these fundamental changes, ISO will be pleading for the following:

  • Adequate national and local monitoring in the field of social safety.
  • A national approach for social unsafety instead of a isloated approach of individual institutions.
  • A open culture and a open conversation about social (un)safety.
  • Sufficient confidential advisors and ombuds officers that are easily found and accessible for student

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