In 2015, the basic grant was abolished, causing students to borrow considerably more. Only 28% of all hbo and wbo students are expected to graduate without a student debt. Students who borrow under the current system are expected to have an average student debt of almost €25,000 upon graduation. This leads to an enormous debt mountain, which also makes it more difficult for students to get a mortgage.

Current affairs

More and more political parties have pulled back from the loan system in its current form. Only the VVD is still in favour, which means that there is a good chance that after the elections in March 2021 a new path will be taken. In such a new system, there will probably be a form of student grant again. 

Viewpoints of the ISO

The ISO is committed to a good income position for all students. In recent years, the income position of students has been the main issue in education. The ISO sees salvation in measures that include a supplementary grant that is first widened and then increased. The ISO is also in favour of the return of some form of basic grant. However, this should not be at the expense of extra investments in education.