Students' financial position

Currently, Dutch students can use the public loan system (“leenstelsel”) to finance their studies. ISO notices that this system is not good for students and that, among many other problems, more students have started borrowing and the average student debt has increased.

The government announced in September 2021 that it wanted to replace the current loan system. From the 2023-2024 academic year onwards, a new and revised grant system (“basisbeurs”) will become available, and supplementary grants (“aanvullende beurs”) will be expanded and increased as well. 

ISO wants a healthy financial position for all students. This financial position has been the brunt of the litter in government policy in recent years. ISO welcomes the announced reintroduction of the “basisbeurs” and the expansion and increase of the supplementary grant. However, the currently announced “basisbeurs” is still not sufficient for students to live on. In addition, ISO fears that the student’s financial position will continue to worsen due to inflation and rising living and study costs.

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