Legal position & student rights


Within the ISO, the independent organisation Student Legal Clinic (LSR) monitors the educational law problems that students experience. They do this successfully with advice, but also by possibly taking legal action. The ISO also believes it is important to provide students with good information about their rights, both within their study programme and their institution.

Current affairs

The ISO has identified problems relating to the legal position of students due to the large number of tracks, directions and variants that higher education institutions offer within their programmes. There is a great diversity in tracks, but also in the names of programmes, many terms are used interchangeably. Moreover, there is no unambiguous definition of tracks, which sometimes makes it impossible to distinguish them from other options such as minors.

Viewpoint of the ISO

The ISO considers a framework for tracks important for the legal position of the student. In addition, an unambiguous framework can contribute to a better-informed choice of study for students. The ISO wants to avoid the creation of a jungle of tracks that students are unable to fathom.

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